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While saving a tree and enjoying its beautiful leaves and shade for decades is always our goal, it isn’t always a possibility, and sometimes tree removal is necessary. Tree Docs has the expertise and experience to remove old trees, dead trees, damaged trees, and diseased trees from both commercial and residential properties. Our tree removal experts will remove trees from your property quickly and safely. We also provide stump grinding and stump removal services so that your yard will look brand new once the tree removal is complete.

Tree trimming and tree pruning are critical services for every tree on your property, as they ensure the health of your trees, the sustained growth of your trees, and the safety of your home. Tree trimming should only be completed by a professional with years of experience, like Tree Docs.

Tree Docs is proud to offer comprehensive tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree care services to all of our valued customers. 

Tree maintenance will transform the trees in your yard from drab, damaged, or diseased into beautiful, thriving centerpieces of your landscaping. Tree Docs Tree Service performs a variety of tree maintenance services including tree trimming and pruning, tree fertilization, and general tree care. If you need additional services or emergency tree services, we also offer tree removal, dead tree removal and specialty arborist services.

Tree removal sometimes becomes essential when a tree grows too large for a particular space and its roots grow too close to a structure. Tree Docs handles this job expertly. However, there are times when the tree is growing threateningly close to a house or commercial building. In situations such as these just felling that tree without proper planning can pose a risk to structure near it.

In situations such as this, other solutions may be necessary, such as expert tree crane services. Using tree cranes in these instances ensure the trees fall in a safe manner. We have the latest tree crane equipment and tools as well as the know-how and experience to handle the job efficiently and safely.


Over time, trees become susceptible to various problems such as wood decay, etc. Some trees also tend to gradually fall apart, before they get ill and die. This is where our Specialty Arborist Services come in. We provide a wide range of specialized services that include:

Tree structure evaluations

As part of this service, our experts will evaluate the trees on your property and identify problems well before they turn into a major one. Our first priority is to evaluate a tree’s level of structural integrity. Once we’ve ascertained that, we can then provide remedial treatments that help reduce the tree root, stem and branch failures. The different types of tree defects we lookout for are:

  • Cracks and splits
  • Weak branches
  • Hanging or dead branches
  • Poor structure
  • Root-related defects
  • Lot clearing

We can handle projects of any scale and complexity and have the expertise and experience to handle them in the best possible way.

Crown Thinning

This is a process where we selectively remove certain live branches to reduce the density of the tree crowns. Another name for this is de-weighting the tree. This process allows sunlight & wind to freely pass through, which enhances the durability of large trees in case a storm or gusty winds hit the area.

Comprehensive Specialty Arborist Services

We’re the experts that provide comprehensive tree care, tree removal, dead wood removal, crane services, etc. to residential & commercial customers as well as property managers across central Arkansas. We’re very meticulous in our approach to our work and focus on providing custom solutions that work perfectly for our customers.

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