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Should I Have My Dead Tree Removed?

dead or alive tree

Have you recently considered grabbing your hand saw and chopping down that old, dead, tree in your yard so that it’s no longer an eyesore? Sure, having a dead tree in your yard can be unsightly, but so too will be the remaining stump.So do you just ignore it and pretend it’s not there? Unfortunately, not handling dead trees properly can cause even more problems for your yard.

Reason #1: Dead Trees House Harmful Pests

Dry, rotting wood is the perfect home for termites and other wood-boring insects. The deterioration of the outer layers of your tree make it much easier for pests to climb inside and live there. Once established there, these insects are very difficult to get rid of and tree removal is often necessary.

Reason #2: Dead Trees are a Hazard

When wood dries and rots, it becomes hollow and loses its strength, and depending on the current condition of your dead tree, it could be days away from falling.  Since the spring season in Arkansas is known to bring heavy rain, storms, and wind, there is an increased risk for fallen trees during this time – even for trees that aren’t dead. The direction in which a tree will fall is often unpredictable, so having it professionally removed will allow you to avoid an unexpected fall that could cause major damage to your home or someone in your yard.

Reason #3: DIY Tree-Removal is Dangerous

Professional tree experts, as well as those who have attempted DIY tree removal and did not succeed, will tell you how dangerous it is to remove a dead tree on your own. Chances are, the tools you own are not appropriate for safe and successful tree cutting. Even if you successfully chop the tree from its lower trunk without causing injury or property damage, you’ll be left with a stump in your yard, which can be even more unsightly than an unhealthy tree. Both successful tree removal and stump grinding can be performed both successfully and safely by a certified arborist.