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5 Tips for Spring Tree Planting

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If you’re looking to improve your yard in 2020 or you’ve already got “spring tree planting” on your spring landscape to-do list, there are important things to know to ensure the best life for your new trees. Take a look at these tips for planting trees this spring season:

Decide on Location Before Choosing a Tree

Some homeowners know which trees they want in their yard before finding a good location to plant them. The opposite approach is more beneficial, as tree species have different needs when it comes to the amount of sun they get, the type of soil they grow best in, and how much space they need to grow. Choose which places in your yard you’d like to plant trees, then choose a tree species that is suited to the sunlight and soil in that area.

Avoid Late Spring Tree Planting

There are many tree species that thrive when planted in the spring, but there are some that do better when planted in the fall. Maple and evergreen trees, for example, are better when planted after the summer. Additionally, if the spring season is almost over by the time you’re able to begin adding trees to your landscape, you may be better off waiting until the fall, as the fast-approaching summer heat can be too harsh on newly-planted trees.

Consider the Roots when Spring Tree Planing

Once your tree is planted, the roots will grow and spread so that they can reach the water and nutrients they need to stay alive. Digging a large hole to plant your tree in (that’s at least twice as wide as the root ball and loosely packing soil around the tree will enable roots to spread without much struggle.

Know How Often to Water Your Trees

New, freshly-planted trees require much more water to grow than old trees do. Layering the soil surrounding your tree’s base with mulch will help keep moisture in and allow the tree’s root system to establish itself. Check the soil around your tree on a daily basis and water when the soil becomes too dry to stay clumped together when squeezed. Always avoid over-watering your tree, as the roots can drown and die before they are established in the ground.